Michelle Silverthorne

Integrative Counsellor

Michelle Silverthorne

Hello and welcome, my name is Michelle and I provide private counselling and psychotherapy for adults and young people in Bromley (South East London) Kent.

I understand that is is often a big step to choose a therapist which can be daunting and may cause feelings of doubt and anxiety.  I endeavour to provide enough information to help you decide if therapy is the right choice for you.

 I specialise in working creatively with adults and teenagers suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.

How can I Help You?

I understand how debilitating, disabling and isolated you could be feeling when suffering with anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. Taking that first step is the hardest. There is no need to suffer as I offer a safe confidential space to talk about whatever is bothering you and support you in exploring your difficulties at your pace.   I will follow you in your difficulties and facilitate and encourage your chosen path, whatever that may be.

Some of the issues I work with



is a normal healthy emotion, however, when you are constantly worrying and overthinking. it can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.



You may be feeling unhappy, hopeless, low mood, little interest or pleasure in doing things, no motivation or even tearful for no apparent reason.



You could have suffered a trauma which has caused you to experience Flashbacks, feeling on edge or re-experiencing.

Work With Me

 I  use my expertise and knowledge to support  and guide you through making choices and decisions that sit comfortably with you on your journey.  Your journey may  help you to develop  greater awareness and insight into your difficulties. I specialise in helping people with anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.   You can read my reviews on Google  or facebook under Calmingtherapy.

Contact me for an informal chat on  07752 809726