Prices £50 per 50 minute session

Prices for insurance companies and agencies may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact me by telephone  07752 809726 or email  Let me know what is briefly happening for you at the moment.  Tell me about your availability, preferences, days and times.  Emails and telephone voicemails are confidential.  If I am not available to take your call please leave a message on my voicemail and I will get back to you.

It is impossible to know, I recommend 8 to  12 sessions and we can discuss this at the first session. Sometimes clients need therapy for a year or more. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

My practise is at my home of 10 Bradford Close, Bromley BR2 8NR.  There is free parking in the street.

Yes, sessions are confidential with the exception of disclosures of child protection and suicide risk or terrorism. I take your confidentiality very seriously and this is discussed with you at our first meeting.

I have a few concessionary sessions available which is means tested.  Contact me for more information and details.

Prior to beginning treatment it is important for you to understand  my approach to child therapy and agree some rules the Confidentiality during the course of his/her treatment.

Therapy is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the therapist and  the client. Privacy is most important in securing and maintaining that trust.  One goal of treatment is to promote a stronger and  better relationship with children and their parents.   However, it is often necessary for children to develop a “zone of privacy” whereby they feel free to discuss personal matters with greater freedom.  This is particularly true for adolescents who are naturally developing  a greater sense of independence and autonomy,  but also for younger children.  I will ask you to sign an agreement whereby you agree to waive the right to access your childs’ treatment records.

Confidentiality is of great importance to any therapeutic relationship. I will not share with you what your child has disclosed to me, however, I can talk to you about arranging appointment times. No matter how difficult, I do not expect you to ask your child about the content of the sessions or ask your child to talk to me about a particular issue you would like me to address with them.  Your child can discuss the contents of the session to you only if they choose to do so and should not feel pressured to do so.  Any of these situations undermines the work and interferes with the therapeutic process.

People seek therapy for all sorts of reasons including:

Anxiety, depression, low self esteem, self harm, panic, unwanted thoughts, family and relationship problems, divorce, bereavement, past issues, childhood abuse, addiction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, confidence issues to name but a few.

However, some people do not know why they are feeling the way they do and sometimes just don’t feel right.  Therapy can help you clarify what is going on and help you to feel in a more settled place.

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